Beretta sets it sites on digital sales catalogs, thanks to Centric.

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Beretta – the firearms, apparel and accessories brand – has selected Centric 8 PLM for consumer goods to create digital catalogs for its clothing and accessories division.

Beretta will use Centric’s Collection Management module to create customer-specific, electronic product catalogs and assortments for customer presentations. Utilizing Centric’s patent-pending Collection Book for iPad App, Beretta’s sales force can present a collection of styles to customers through an interactive mobile device – whether they are on- or offline. Also, the sales team can create personalized portals for customized collections that customers can access with any browser-based connection.

“Unlike its paper equivalent, the digital catalog is not a solution born and buried in one season, but a tool we can update, improve and adapt to market needs on an ongoing basis,” says Beretta’s head of marketing and communications Paola Buffoli.

Other benefits include the ability to:

  • Create digital books that anticipate customer needs, are easy to use and attractive to customers.
  • Instantly customize presentations relevant to a specific market or customer.
  • Localize catalogs for language and pricing.
  • Eliminate the cost, time and waste associated with paper catalogs.

Centric CEO Chris Groves says that with Centric Beretta will collapse the time from style to customer, helping the company to connect more directly and interactively with its customers, and enhancing the Beretta customer buying experience.

“At Centric, we are delighted to help extend the rich Beretta brand experience into the product launch and buying cycle – and gain valuable insight and input on mobile product strategy as we work with such a strong, iconic company.”

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