Silver Jeans Co.’s PLM Success Story: Creating a ‘Single Version of Truth.’ Part 2 of 2.

Silver Jeans Co. shares PLM insight.Listen to Apparel Magazine’s webinar ‘Making the Move from PDM to PLM: A Success Story at Silver Jeans Co., available now for download.

At the recent Apparel Magazine webinar, Silver Jeans Co.’s VP of Product Services, Mark Lamont, explained that his company was at a breaking point with its existing PDM system.  As Mark tells it, the PDM system was fine for design creation, but all information stopped there. There was no information flowing from design to sourcing, merchandising and beyond.

This led to a tremendous amount of duplicated effort as each team housed its information in separate files. Also, Mark explained, the PDM system had been customized for Silver Jeans Co. and updating that altered software was a very costly and time consuming prospect.

After carefully evaluating seven PLM software systems Silver Jeans Co. chose Centric 8 PLM software for fashion. Mark says Centric rose to the top due to its extensive functionality, ease of use, strong reporting capabilities and dashboards, and its web-based platform. Implementation took just 11 weeks and created a ‘single version of truth’ of up-to-date product information for all teams.

The results are impressive! According to Mark, Silver Jeans Co. has seen efficiency gains of at least 20% in resources and time. They were able to increase SKUs by 25% without adding additional resources. And, all of this happened while the company was experiencing 30% annual growth in sales year-to-year.

Contact Centric to learn how we can help your company become more efficient by creating a ‘single version of truth’ with Centric 8 PLM.

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