Mobile apps for PLM software for apparel are changing the way the fashion industry works. Learn how.


Capture It for iPhone App enables easy capture, markup and sharing of visuals for trend board development.

Mobile apps are transforming the way the fashion industry does business. It’s much more than just logging into the PLM for fashion software on a mobile phone. True mobile apps—like Centric’s patent-pending Collection Book for Fashion iPad App and Capture It For iPhone App—bring their own unique functionality to PLM.

So how exactly is this mobile movement altering the way fashion houses work day-to-day?

  • Designers use mobile apps to present collections – even last-minute style availability updates—to buyers significantly faster and more accurately.
  • Buyers use mobile PLM apps to capture suppliers’ offerings during meetings, discuss customization and modifications with the rest of the product development team, and make modifications with suppliers on the spot.
  • Sample review benefits from mobile apps by allowing technical designers to more easily determine if samples meet specifications. Communicating changes back to the supplier becomes almost instantaneous with photos, markups, video and the ability to attach photos to sketches.
  • Trends make it into collections faster because photos, video and audio can be instantly uploaded into concept and storyboards in the PLM system for review, mark-up and analysis.

Mobile apps remove the constraints of physical location, allowing updates to the PLM system anytime, anywhere—in the real-world places where designers, buyers and suppliers make style decisions. Replacing error-prone systems with always up-to-date mobile ones improves customer satisfaction and increases sales. Mobile apps for PLM bring the consumer closer than ever before to product development. Finally, mobile apps increase accuracy across the board.

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